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Real Estate can be complex and frustrating, this is where Coast 85 comes in!

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Below you will find some of the most common issues property owners come across that make selling such a headache!

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Below you will find some of the most common issues property owners come across that make selling such a headache!
House in need of Repair

Property needs repairs

Houses are constantly in need of repair it seems, and rarely when we're prepared for it!  We deal in houses in need of new roofs, walls, flooring, insulation, drywall,  plumbing, and all of the above!

What does that mean for you? 

It means you can save money and effort by not paying a dime towards repairs or lifting a single hammer. We buy properties AS-IS, meaning we'll close on a house in any condition.

Cluttered House

Over the years things stack up and before you know it, the entire house can be filled up with so much stuff, that you don't know where to even start.  So don't! 

How can we help? 

Let us worry about the mess, so that you don't have to. When we buy your property, you can take what want and leave the rest behind, making for a quick and hassle free exit.

Cluttered Hallway
Lien Image

Liens & Judgements

Missed payments, constant letters in the mail for liens or judgements against you?  This can be stressful & getting behind financially can be impossible to get out of. Where to start? Who to call? We can help!

What can we do? 

We will work together to find out what all you have currently holding you back. From there we will work diligently with our local partners in the area to help get these taken care of and resolved and your house sold!  


Anytime a property is in this situation, time is of the essence! 

Obviously a situation like this needs to be addressed quickly and the sooner we can come up with a solution together the better.  DON'T SIT AND WAIT.

How can we help?

If you're interested in selling your house, but you're facing foreclosure, we work quick!  We work our cash offer directly with your lender on stopping the foreclosure process, and saving your credit.

Foreclosure paperwork
Eviction Notice

Tenants/Renter Issues

Owning rental properties can be great investments but they can also be nightmare.  Problem tenants rarely take care of properties the way the actual owner would.  Save yourself the late night calls for repairs, constant upgrades & fixes, payment issues, and even EVICTIONS!


What's our Solution? 

We take these problem tenants directly off your hands.  We offer several options for landlords including purchasing the property with tenants in place, cash for keys, and more!   

Inherited or Properties in Probate

Inheriting properties can be a hassle during an already tough time and there's several legal ways to go when selling a property.  Probate, Wills & Testaments, Inheritance, are all things to navigate through when a property is inherited.

How can we help? 

We work directly with you and come up with a plan together on the best way to proceed forward with the property. We work with partners all along the Gulf to assist with these delicate matters to make sure your property gets sold so you can move forward.

Last Will & Testament

So your interested in selling and want to know the process of working with Coast 85?

We have made things simple! Click below and we explain everything!

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